Several shades of grey!

Several shades of grey!

You really can’t sit still for too long in our house at the moment, unless you want to end up being Farrow & Balled that is!

This weekend has seen the annual Sassy HQ pumpkin carving!  Our contribution for 2016 is a werewolf, a pair of Harry Potter glasses complete with scar and a last minute addition of, what we like to call, ‘pumpkin in front of a moon, with bats flying about’ – Mr Sassy was challenged to something a little more intricate.



I remember being so impressed, last year, when seeing white and chalk painted miniature pumpkins in a beautiful London boutique. So, this year I set myself a challenge to see if I could recreate the stunning white and grey shades myself.


I must say if really was very easy and, I think, looks rather chic! Here’s how I achieved mine…

You will need:
Mini pumpkins
A selection of grey paint
Disposable containers for paint
A 0.5cm paint brush

Getting started.


Pour out your desired paint shades into the disposable containers. I used Farrow & Ball paint samples – Down Pipe, Plumett, Manor House Gray & Whitest White.

A few shades of grey!


You, then just need to get the paint onto the pumpkins, simple.

Pumpkin painting with Farrow & Ball - Down Pipe


Leave the pumpkins to dry on newspaper, they don’t really look anything at this point but be patient.

Leaving to dry.


When dry add a second coat and then leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Second Coat.


That’s it – really simple! Chic pumpkins in grey tones to add a little elegance to your home now the clocks have gone back and the autumnal nights are drawing in.

Farrow & Ball Painted Pumpkins

Have you been decorating your pumpkins, let me know how you got on!

Sassy x


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