Sassy Face painting ideas to try this Hallowe’en

October is here, the invitations have arrived and it’s time to get your fancy dress on! Yep, it’s that time again… oh yes Hallowe’en is here or as I now shall be celebrating – Dia de Muertos {Day of the Dead}.

The initial excitement sets in and is swiftly followed by ‘Oh no! What the bloody hell am I going to wear?’ A quick search of my local fancy-dress shop should do the trick, right? Wrong, it reveals that I can either go as a Witch, a tarty Zombie or Batgirl in, what I can only explain is, a sprayed on PVC affair. Now, I have no doubt this will not even begin to cover my modesty and… yes there’s more, I can assure you that, after having two children, it really would be a very frightful night!  No, this will never do, I need to think of something far cleverer and definitely, something far more sophisticated but what…

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the questions started to come in; “What/Who are you going as?” So, with a glass of Sancerre in hand, I settle down at the Mac to search in my favourite corner of the World Wide Web. It isn’t long before I have revealed the most beautiful and stunning painted faces. I am mesmerised – elegant, sophisticated and a vast improvement on my usual, easy option of Elphaba from Wicked (green face paint, hair down and straightened to within an inch of its life – ahem, sorry Ross – coupled with a long witches dress purchased from Angels and Bermans many years ago). In true Pinterest style I start furiously pinning these face painted Sugar Skulls and other ideas onto a Hallowe’en Board, (easier to pin lots and go back in after to delete those that perhaps aren’t so ideal).

All that I need now is to rock the big hair and I know just who to call (Ross – I need you to work your magic), source some large flowers to add the hair drama (good drama – Ross is very good), find a sassy black dress, a pair of fishnets and some killer heels!

There were of course plenty of ideas I pinned, each of which would have been a fabulous option and great fun. I loved the female Joker from Batman, although I was still feeling rather sickened by the thought of that sprayed on PVC number and my body! There was the Hallowe’en doll, which although brilliant, just wasn’t ticking the sassy, sophisticated and elegant boxes for me. The pop art comic faces looked incredible but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get those white dots to look uniform and for anyone who knows me and my love of all things ‘just so’ they will understand why this never was going to work out well for me. The face-painted masks looked amazing, perfect but I am still dreaming of attending the ball – so saving those for when I get to attend a masked ball at the Royal Palace in Vienna, I’ve now got this romantic idea of taking my mask off to reveal a perfect face painted mask underneath.

No, for me, it has to be the Sugar Skulls – there are so many to choose from and I am so all over the one that covers only half the face, the other half being perfectly and ever so elegantly made up! The lace effect created is super sassy and there are so many different colours to choose from or, if you like, just keep it monochrome with black and white. Oh yes, I am pretty chuffed with my discovery – I can even rock a different look at each party, with just a change of coloured face paint and different flowers!


Sassy Sugar Skull - Dias de Muertos

Sassy Sugar Skull   |   Source: Pinterest


So what is this Day of the dead lark? The Dias de Muertos holiday, celebrated in Mexico from 31st October each year until 2nd November, is a fabulous celebration of remembrance – it’s a time for family and friends to come together and remember and pray for those who have passed away. It’s a recognised bank holiday, the traditions include building an ofrendas, and honoring the dead by using decorated Sugar Skulls, marigolds together with food and drink which those that have passed on used to enjoy.
So, on Hallowe’en this year, whilst I spend the first hour of each party wondering who the hell everyone is, I too shall be remembering those I have lost. I shall secretly be thinking of some of those who can’t be there to join in with the festivities, or who knows… maybe they can be!

Sassy x


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