Pop-up more often… please, please, please!

Should you, like me, love good food you would be rather irritated to miss this! Crumbs & Spills is a monthly pop-up restaurant – modern, tasty and elegant food, served with style.

Founder Petri, has been creating the most incredible dishes for many a discerning and influential diner for many years, more recently he has begun sharing his flare, passion and supreme talent with the likes of you and me – thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Crumbs & Spills menu (priced far too reasonably in my opinion) provides a gastronomic feast of snacks followed by seven (yes seven) mouth-wateringly, divine courses. They will tantalize not only your taste buds but the dishes placed in front of you will visually make you, quite simply – fall in love!

Finally, (hallelujah) last month, I managed to book a place at one of the Crumbs & Spills dining tables and I was not disappointed!

Upon arriving and catching up with the best of friends, our delights began to arrive…

There were clever mini versions of BLTs with not a piece of bread in sight – a sprinkling of bacon powder, miniature baby gem leaves and a tomato mouse jam packed with the most amount of tang – my mouth is salivating just at the thought, and that was to name just one.

Wine, chat and a little later saw the beginning of our tasting menu arrive…

The first course of Mackerel, Cucumber, Tomato & Buttermilk did not disappoint either – jam packed with flavor this combination of tastes worked superbly together, just enough to leave us wanting a little more, our table was symphony of Mmmms and OMGs!

Crumbs & Spills

Mackerel, Tomato, Cucumber & Buttermilk

Next came the arrival of the Artichoke Skins, Carrot, Talagani & Blood Orange dish! Well, having never tasted this delicious Greek cheese, I was not disappointed. The combination of tang, zest and richness made for an exquisite dish and left us wanting more.

As we moved through the courses, there were just so many incredible dishes (I am trying not to be too gushy here by naming all seven courses, I could do that though – right? No really, I could).

Another being the Duck, Apricot, Baby Gem, Cauliflower and Curry Oil – cooked to perfection, the crispy duck skin and the rich pink meat below, all the flavours colliding together to create the now, well-known table symphony! I should, at this point let you into a little confession, I don’t really like cauliflower, I know, I know – scandalous! You’ll never guess – I do now –any time Petri would like to come over and cook cauliflower for me, he is welcome! The dish was nothing short of an explosion of addictive flavor in taste bud heaven! I mean, cauliflower – who knew?

Crumbs & Spills

Duck, Apricot, Baby Gem, Cauliflower & Curry Oil

To finish (thank goodness for the ability to open the top button on one’s trousers), arrived the Gariguette Strawberry, Crème Fraîche Sorbet & Lemon Verbena – clean and light, this was quite simply the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Crumbs & Spills

Gariguette Strawberry, Crème Fraîche Sorbet & Lemon Verbena

Should you wish to get on the waiting list for a table at the next pop-up, then you will need to follow Crumbs & Spills on Twitter or Facebook and if you should manage to secure a table, do let me know your thoughts!  I know you will not be disappointed – should you get in that is!

Sassy x



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