Hey! I’m Sassy

Hi there, I’m Sassy – striving to be the stylish & chic part, having already mastered the lively & spirited elements!


sas·sy  [săs′ē]

adj.sas·si·er, sas·si·est

  1. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
  2. Stylish; chic: A Sassy Life


I’m a marketer, working in the Home Counties and, as you can now see, starting out my journey in the world of blogging! Therefore, I suppose I can now call myself blog founder and editor! I live in Berkshire with my two children Lou la Belle & Doodles; my husband, Adam, is ex-Forces and now works in the Police Force. He is passionate about running and has a painful obsession for watching crime dramas, eating good food and travel.

Me, well where do I start? There is so much… romanticism; nail varnish – oh the nail varnish (always on the lookout for the perfect tomatoey coral with just a hint of pink); make-up; handbags; gadgets; cookbooks; hotels and hideaways; the South of France; skiing; movies and good books. Oh and there’s music (eclectic taste – ranging from Barbara Streisand to Fatboy Slim). I may also have to confess to a small collection of apples (not of the edible variety), yes I am obsessed! “Come to me you thing of beauty”, luxurious, beautiful, sleek and generally… I could potentially need therapy!

So, why am I starting a blog and why now? Work is exceptionally busy and home is always full of lots going on – there really is never enough time in the day, however, if you don’t follow your dreams life will just pass you by. In the last few months, I’ve had two friends who have had some pretty awful experiences (both of whom have had their quota of bad experiences in their life’s already), it’s made me take stock.

As I am not busy enough with home and work – I thought I would turn my hand to playing out my life – sharing the experiences, moments and memories – from beauty and style to home décor and vacations and no doubt there will be introductions of fabulous friends and family along the way!

As we get to know each other better over the forthcoming months and years, I hope you will enjoy sharing my life and watching me learn how to get to grips this blogging lark.

So, for now, thank you for dropping by and please leave a comment and introduce yourself. I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Sassy x


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