Hey there!

Hello there!

I’m Sassy, a forty-something girl (so not ready to say woman!!), rather than just existing I’m trying to live a sassy life with a little sass, rather than just existing!




I am new around here and I guess, if you are reading this, you are too.  Hi!  So, I invite you to join me on my adventure into the world of blogging and chatting even more (my husband will be thrilled!) about all the things that I find just a little bit sassy, here at asassylife.com.

My mind today (and actually for the last few days) has been one muddled mess (well, I don’t think of it as a mess, as it’s just always got lots going on in it).  So, in no particular order, the mess consists of:

  • Becoming healthy
  • My fabulous family – making sure they all know how loved they are
  • Losing some weight (actually, losing quite a lot of weight)
  • Home décor and making our home the nicest possible place to be
  • Getting (ski) fit – oh goodness, are we really here again already –  not much time before the ski part
  • Apples (not of the edible variety)… oh how I love an apple… I can feel myself being pulled towards that watch as I type…
  • Bubbles – not surely you must agree, everyone needs a few bubbles in their lives, right?
  • Blogging – can I do this?
  • My friends, more about them soon – gosh it really has been quite a year for a few of them
  • As you can now see, my mind is a muddle of too much and this is really just a snippet!  I am a huge fan of all things sparkly, bubbly and love playing on Instagram and Pinterest.

I’d love you to join me on this adventure; you’ll be able to keep up to date with all these ramblings and tweet along on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear you thoughts very soon.  I’d hate to be talking to no one – loneliness is such a bore!

Sassy x



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