Bursting at the seams, literally!

Bursting at the seams, literally!

Something has got to bloody give and I am sick of it being the seams of my clothes.  I look in the mirror and think to myself, “Well, you look alright, not too bad – you’ll do!” thank the Lord for make-up and jewellery.

I may have left out the part about the mirror being about 8″ round!  Looking in a full-length mirror, now that is a whole different story!  Short, dumpy and now four stone heavier than I was when I met the gorgeous Mr. Sassy.  Depressing!

I have always struggled with my weight, I’ve been up and I’ve been down – managing to achieve a Size 10, which was the size I was when I first met Mr. Sassy – Sorry darling!  Couple that with my 5′ 2″ height and those curves – I haven’t been blessed with the greatest genes for looking slender.  That must be it, I’m just too short – the right weight but soo short!  Ta-dah!

Seriously, though, like I say something’s got to give!  I’m hoping the delightful Mr. Bodycoach is going to be the one to help me make this happen wth his Lean in 15 Plan: 15-minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy.  For the record Mr. Bodycoach, you are so right…

“the problem with diets is they don’t work”

An easy to follow, stress-free plan, you say, Joe?  One that’s enjoyable and sustainable you say, Joe – Well, I’m in!

So here begins my, now rather public, attempt to lose those extra pounds – who am I kidding?  Extra pounds, we’re talking shifting the size of a small house!  To say this is going to be difficult for me is a little bit of an understatement.

I will be sharing the highs and the lows – I’m sure there are going to be a few of those, as well as how well I am sticking to those daily High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions and if I’ve managed to plan my meals in advance.  It’s going to be hard, I’m not going to lie, so hard – I love my food, really love my food – oh and brunch, brunch on a weekend, oh how I shall miss thee…

In all seriousness, I am committed to doing this, you just have to take a look at body transformations featured on Mr. Bodycoach’s website www.thebodycoach.co.uk to see that this plan works.  At this point, I should probably point out that I am not paying for the SSS plan but shall be following the same principles from the ‘RED’ book.

Right, I’m off to plan my menu for the week (planning like a boss, Joe, planning like a boss), look up the HIIT exercises I am going to doing and then running to the shops… I need sistema plastic, lots of sistema plastic and food – must not forget the food.

Remember to check back next week to see how my first week has gone.

Sassy x


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